Ghost Wryter has intensified the rap quotient with the absorbing number ‘Big Raggedy’


Ghost Wryter has dished out the breathtakingly refreshing peppy number ‘Big Raggedy’. This is a fascinating and dazzling rap single by the supremely gifted rapper.

Ghost Wryter is an upcoming rap artist who has created a sensation with his swashbuckling songs. His exquisite song which has scaled tremendous heights is the new single ‘Big Raggedy’. This song has brought newness to the genre of rap and hip hop and created refreshing moments of bliss. The composition is flawless with brilliant lyrics engaging the innumerable audience. The song has left an indomitable inkling in the listener’s mind. Other popular songs by the prolific singer hat are etched in the listener’s memory are ‘SWANG’, ‘Antisocial’ and ‘Good Morning’. You can catch a glimpse of the shared pictures and videos of the singer by logging onto his Instagram handle. You can also watch his music videos and listen to the tracks on Youtube.

In the track ‘Big Raggedy’ by the stupendous singer Ghost Wryter there are intriguing catchy vibes with a tremendous vibrancy that has been amplified in a heavy electronic stage setting. The flow of rap funk has an alluring swagger. The soundscape of the track is enthralling and beautiful having cool vibes. The captivating groove makes the track even more delectable with a riveting bounce. The gripping performance has stunned the audience who went into rapture with the single’s release.

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