Ghastly Will Retire His Current Alias After Next EP To Focus On House Music


They say that everything must come to an end eventually, and it seems that applies to artists, as well. Or, at least, their aliases… David Crow, better known to the world as Ghastly, appears to say in a new tweet that he will be retiring his alias in 2019.

That doesn’t mean that Crow will stop making music entirely — quite the opposite. He says that he’ll be focusing “entirely on house music,” but only after he drops a halftime bass EP soon.

“I’m still going to be making pretty music,” he concludes, “but it won’t be under ghastly.”

Ghastly made his break out in 2014 with his Mija collaboration, “Crank It.”

Whatever Ghastly does next, we’re here for it and wish him all the best.

U guys I’m gonna drop this halftime bass ep but after that I will be focusing entirely on house music

I’m still going to be making pretty music, but it won’t be under ghastly

Stay tuned 🙂

— Ghastly (◕,,,◕) (@Ghastly) March 14, 2019

Photo via via youredm

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