Getting Ready for Valentine’s with BLACK ROUGE’s Color Lock Heart Tint & Crystal Heart Lock Shadow

With Valentine’s just around the corner, I figured this was a great time to review BLACK ROUGE’s Color Lock Heart Tint and Crystal Heart Lock Shadow. In particular, the tints come in the cutest heart-shaped gradient tubes that positively scream Valentine’s, so I wanted to see if – true to the packaging – these products would be just the thing to incorporate into my makeup look this February 14.

Color Lock Heart Tint

These photogenic tints are formulated with shea butter and rosehip oil to moisturize and soften lips. BLACK ROUGE’s Air Fit Formula claims to cover fine lines and offer a blurring effect, while its gel oil is meant to melt on lips and create a smooth, gradated finish. To carry more product and ensure precise application, the Color Lock Heart Tint comes with a tilted reservoir tip applicator – a teardrop-shape applicator with a pointed tip and divot in the middle. The cherry on top is its sugary sweet fruity scent.

This collection of lip tints offers five different colors. H01 Carrot Cheese is a lively coral that really illuminates the face with its fun, youthful vibe. Unabashedly girly and reminiscent of Barbie’s signature color, H02 Heartbeat Rose is a bold and attention-grabbing hot pink shade. H03 You&Me Grapefruit is a tomato red that’s great for a classic bombshell night-out look, while H04 Sweet Berry is a deep purplish ruby red. The least flashy and most wearable shade of the bunch, H05 Provoke Cherry is a flattering and dramatic wine red.

The colors are bright and undiluted, and just a little product will cover your lips completely with intense color. The selling point of these tints is their highly pigmented, long-lasting color payoff and I must agree that it does deliver – I just wish the colors were a little more subtle and buildable. As they are, I think these tints are more suitable for stage makeup, costume parties and the like. Those who tend to shy away from loud colors might consider applying a clear gloss over the tint or simply blotting your lips after application.

Coming in a thick, creamy texture, these matte tints might create some slight clumps on the applicator but are otherwise very easy to apply and spread over lips. The formula settles on lips very quickly, leaving a smooth, weightless finish. However, due to their intense pigmentation, it’s quite obvious and patchy-looking when some product comes off after eating or drinking. I love the idea of keeping one of these in my purse like some sort of lucky-charm-meets-love-potion, but I think they’re going to remain as more of a unique collectible than an integral part of my everyday makeup routine.

Crystal Heart Lock Shadow

There are two palettes to choose from, CH01 Coral Coffret and CH02 Rose Coffret. Both offer four shades to create a complete eye makeup look. These four shades transition seamlessly in terms of darkness, allowing you to create a well-blended effect. The shadows are smooth, easy to apply, pigmented and long-lasting. Although I didn’t encounter any fallout when testing the products, the glitter shades did crumble slightly inside the palette. I would advise being cautious with these palettes when carrying them around – you probably also want to keep them at home during your travels.

CH01 Coral Coffret contains Dried Coral, a soft baby pink base shade; Coral Parch, a sparkly gold; Sand Bling, a shimmery copper; and Milk Choco, a dark brown color for shading and lining the eyes. These four shades can be worn all together, on their own, or in different combinations. You could go for a minimal, subdued look with just Dried Coral and Milk Choco, or use Coral Parch and Sand Bling to brighten up the corners of the eyes for a festive party look. CH02 Rose Coffret includes Dried Rose, a pale base shade similar to Dried Coral, but with a tan tinge instead of a pink one. Rose Parch is a glittery pink shadow with iridescent, prismatic sparkles, while Pink Muhly is a shimmery, elegant rose gold. Black Swan is a basic deep brown shade that’s ever-so-slightly lighter than Coral Coffret’s Milk Choco.

If you’re going for a demure vibe this Valentine’s, pair the pink shades from the Rose Coffret palette with your favorite nude MLBB lipstick – finish off by patting some of that pink eye shadow on your cheeks for a glowy flush. If you’re going for a daring look to suit your playful personality, the neutral shades from Coral Coffret would pair well with the vibrant hues from the Color Lock Heart Tint range to let your lips do the talking!