Getting Better Skin As Easy As Drinking Water?

If Skin Care 101 were a book, the first chapter would undoubtedly be “Drink Water.” Everyone who cares about their skin, from estheticians to your mother to Miranda Kerr, has stated that they drink water on a daily basis. Will drinking more water, on the other hand, make a noticeable difference in your appearance? Yes, in fact. Surprisingly, the most basic rule of skin care is also the one we consistently break. Congratulations if you’re already getting your seven to eight glasses per day. It means you’re virtuous and on your way to achieving wellness enlightenment. But if you’re constantly substituting coffee and kombucha for water, we understand your predicament.

Skin is 30 percent water, according to a 2011 study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. While adequate water consumption alone will not prevent aging or treat sun damage, it is an important step in maintaining elasticity and preventing breakouts. Are you curious about the benefits of drinking more water to your skin? Continue reading to learn about the numerous advantages of increasing your H20 intake in your daily (skin care) routine.

Anyone For Less Visible Pores?

It’s difficult to recall a time when you didn’t wish your pores were a little less noticeable after looking in a magnifying mirror. That is something that water can help with. According to Rachel Nazarian, a dermatologist at the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York told Women’s Health, “Skin appears duller and wrinkles and pores become more visible if you don’t drink enough water. I’ve even noticed that when my patients are dehydrated, they have more acne lesions.”

Allow More Room For Plumper Skin

We’re all looking for plumpness and suppleness in our skin. Regardless of how much retinol and facial oils you use, drinking enough water can completely transform your skin. Skin that is dehydrated lacks elasticity, and water is essential for collagen production.

Flush Out Breakouts

Water helps your body and skin by assisting in the transport of nutrients through your system. This allows your body to work more efficiently and improves circulation. That’s why, in addition to drinking seven to eight glasses of water per day, experts recommend eating plenty of high-water-content fruits and vegetables like watermelons and celery.

An Anti-Aging Requirement

Dehydration causes skin to age, and you can see how your skin changes as you drink more water. There are many other things you can do that are just as simple as filling up your water bottle. “You can help ensure healthier, younger-looking skin by filling your diet with plenty of antioxidant-rich ‘good fats’ and water-dense fruits and vegetables, getting adequate sleep, and by avoiding the sun in addition to wearing broad-spectrum sun protection on a daily basis,” Cammie Cannella, Senior VP of Global Education and Customer Relations of Kiehl’s, tells Cosmopolitan.

Images: Imaxtree