Getter Stands Up For ‘Visceral’ Sets After Being Booed By Fans

getter-673Let’s take a stance – aside from some unforeseen unique situation, booing an artist for performance reasons never makes sense. Yet, for some reason, the Visceral artist continues to be on the receiving end of blunt, explicitly negative fan engagement for no reason other than a new artistic vision.

Even after vowing to adjust his performance, that wasn’t enough to stop Houston fans from booing Getter on his Texas leg of the Visceral tour. Rightfully so, Getter has stood firm in his decision to stay true to his new artistic identity, showcasing his thoughts on twitter.

fuck it man i’m havin fun

— 𝕲𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗 (@GetterOfficial) March 16, 2019

you know, i used to make music for the wrong reasons
i found something i can chase and is much more complex then some dumb trendy bullshit
ive spent all my money and time on something i love and thats literally all that matters to me.
boo me all u want, im still doing this shit

— 𝕲𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗 (@GetterOfficial) March 16, 2019

Criticism can be healthy, but criticism and booing an announced change in artistic vision doesn’t make much sense. This isn’t the first time Getter has gotten unfair flak, as the artist has had to face unfavorable interactions from fans in the past well.

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