Get to know Quon better with his latest head-bobbing song ‘Favors’

Up-and-coming Armarillo rapper Dequon Stovall, with a more famous stage name Quon, releases another throbbing hip hop single ‘Favors’ which can be easily named as the record of the year for his dexterous concept of hip hop music with the juxtaposition of style in the same song. The new single evokes a new sensation and different feelings at the same time. It holds up two different dimensions of music in a modified hip hop fashion wrought with a classic touch of heavy bassline and throbbing upbeats. It describes his prowess in the musical domain that lets him play and try to form some candid unprecedented rhythms that the world has not come across as he stands away mostly from the mainstream ideas.

Quon comes from a very normal background with a strange thirst to quest the unknown world of music which is brimming with lots of possibilities, its own highs, and lows. ‘Favors’ is his fifth single produced by Amir Perry that is out on youtube making it the first hit single of 2020. His exceptional command over the rap flow draws our steadfast attention without a question as he goes on making a point synchronizing every word with the beat. He recently featured on Mozzy Live in Concert as the special guest. Visit his Facebook page for more details about his upcoming projects.

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