Get Festive Fabulous with Vinyl Lips!

Vinyl lips offer a lustrous lipstick finish that imparts a captivating, reflective allure to your lips. Their vivid shades make them an ideal choice for adding a dash of festive allure. Recently, Maybelline has garnered attention in the beauty realm with its diverse vinyl lipstick range, catering to varied preferences. Whether you resonate with timeless elegance favoring muted tones or lean towards a bold, standout aesthetic, vinyl lipstick seamlessly elevates your festive look.

Festive occasions beckon a sartorial touch that resonates with the celebratory spirit. While curating your ensemble, it’s pivotal to harmonize your makeup to achieve a cohesive allure. Whether embracing a laid-back countryside outing or gearing up for a star-studded event, vinyl lipstick emerges as a quintessential accessory, infusing flair and elegance.

Mastering the art of vinyl lipstick application is crucial for a flawless finish. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Prepping Your Lips: Begin with exfoliated and moisturized lips. A gentle lip scrub ensures a smooth texture, preparing your lips for the lipstick’s radiant finish.

Hydration is Key: Prioritize lip hydration by applying a thin layer of lip balm. This not only nourishes but also facilitates smooth application, preventing creasing.

Lip Liner Definition: For enhanced precision, outline your lips using a compatible lip liner. This step accentuates lip contours and curtails feathering.

Select Your Shade: Opt for a vinyl lip shade that resonates with your festive mood, be it a vibrant red, sultry plum, or subtle nude.

Application Technique: Utilize the product’s applicator to start at the cupid’s bow, tracing the natural lip contours. Repeat for the lower lip, ensuring even coverage. For intensified shine, layer as desired.

Refinement: For a polished look, employ a makeup remover-dipped cotton swab to rectify any smudges or overextended lines.

Enhancing Your Vinyl Lip Look: Here are some pro tips to accentuate your vinyl lipstick:


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  • Subtle Eye Makeup: Given the vinyl lipstick’s prominence, opt for muted eyeshadows or subtle shimmer to harmonize the overall look.
  • Defined Brows: Sculpted eyebrows lend structure and balance to your face. Emphasize them using an eyebrow pencil or powder.
  • Blush Touch: Infuse a touch of color with a gentle blush on your cheeks, imparting a radiant glow.
  • Highlighting Magic: Accentuate facial dimensions by applying highlighter to strategic areas like cheekbones and the nose bridge.
  • Gentle Eyeliner: If eyeliner is your choice, adopt a minimalist approach. A delicate wing or subtle lash line accentuates eyes without overshadowing the lip brilliance.
  • Mascara Finale: Conclude with mascara application to elongate and define lashes, complementing your overall aesthetic.

In essence, crafting a harmonious makeup ensemble allows your vinyl lipstick to shine while accentuating your distinct facial features.

Featured image: Naomi Yura’s Works via @zsazsautari/Instagram