Get daring with some risqué new lingerie this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means – time to start preparing! Your man has likely put plenty of thought into how to make that evening extra special, so make sure you keep up. Good relationships are give and take, after all. As every woman knows, it’s the visual cues that affect a man the most, so take advantage of that little bit of science and make his senses tingle by becoming as his very own beautiful wrapped present. Because there is nothing he wants to get more than you! And there are so many intricate, sensual and downright naughty pieces of lingerie to choose from so you can give him just that…

1.     Peignoirs.

No matter what you’re wearing (or not wearing!) underneath, nothing makes for nicer wrapping paper than a sexy peignoir (check those from Obsessive). Made of almost translucent lace, chiffon, or satin, a peignoir both reveals and conceals just enough to heat up the atmosphere before the main course. You.

2.     Bodystockings.

Speaking of covering everything and nothing at the same time: bodystockings. Not for the shy or faint of heart, a lacy black bodystocking will turn you into the world’s sexiest superhero. You know what he’ll be telling all of his friends about the next day.

 3.     Stockings.

Imagine going out for Valentine’s dinner at that swanky little place he booked for you. You gaze at him across the table and then, channeling your inner Sharon Stone, you slooowly cross your legs, and that’s when he catches a glimpse of black lacy stocking sticking out from underneath your good girl dress. Believe me, that’s all he will be able to think about until you finally get home…

4.     Sexy costumes.

Are you feeling especially adventurous? Or maybe your man has been very, very bad and deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law by the hottest cop he knows? Dressing up as a sexy policewoman, a dirty maid or a very, ehem, caring nurse will let both of your imaginations run wild and give you a night to remember.

5.     Corsets.

If vintage wear is more your style, a corset might well be the perfect timeless classic for you. Accentuate your hourglass figure with a tightly laced, satin corset Dita Von Teese herself would be happy to frolic in a champagne glass wearing. Pair your corset with a matching thong and a pair of stilettos, and your man is in for a view he will never forget, guaranteed. Once you’ve got the lingerie down, the rest is a breeze – a nice bottle of wine or brandy, maybe some chocolates. A few candles. Some sensual music. The truth is, with you wearing any of the above, he won’t be able to see anything else.