Genre-bending Australian DJ/producer Noy Releases “Too Busy” (Feat. Sophiegrophy) Single + Remixes

Genre-bending Australian DJ/producer Noy has returned to the music scene releasing EP ‘Too Busy’ (feat. Sophiegrophy) accompanied by three remarkable remixes. Noy has engraved a positive footprint within recent months, releasing a 3-track collaboration with Austin Burns EP ‘Like Me’ via AC Slater’s Night Bass Records. The multi-functional musician is known for his ability to produce across all spectrums of bass, incorporating elements from the mid-tempo, bass house and hip hop music genres. The artist has previously generated support from prominent labels such as AIA, BE RICH and Night Bass. He has also executed productions alongside some of the biggest names in the electronic scene such as Skrillex, Marshmello and Justice.

Rising star Sophiegrophy is making substantial strides within in the world of New Wave Hip Hop & underground Club Culture. The artist received remarkable reviews on her recent ‘BOLD’ EP featuring single, ‘Evol’ and ‘Boii,’ released back in May 2020. She has also remained in strong standings with all of the largest Hip Hop & Viral Chart playlists over a slew of her hybrid trap anthems like ‘Bgg’ and ‘Fa$t Life.’ It is proven that the duo is capable of making great magic, as the pair was able to create an exciting mid-tempo/moombahton shaped track. The two found a perfect blend between Noy’s gender-bending production versatility and Sophiegrophy’s virtuous vocals. Listen now below.