Genius Ways To Rock Bermuda Shorts Like A True Style Star

There are some pieces that garner skepticism mainly because it’s tricky to pull them off the right way. As a result, these pieces are often sidelined in many closets, and never see the light of day. One of such pieces is the bermuda shorts. If you feel this way about bermuda shorts, then you may not be so pleased to hear that these chic shorts are here to stay. Rather than curl up in fashion sadness, how about you learn some genius ways to slay in these shorts? Get saddled up girl, cuz in this article, you’ll be learning some handy ways to take your relationship with bermuda shorts from “urgh! I can’t,” to “I could totally wear this everyday”. It doesn’t matter if you are long legged or petite, bermuda shorts can work in your favor. Check out these genius ways to rock bermuda shorts like a true style star.

Bermuda Shorts With A Button Down Shirt

These shorts are street-style friendly so you can easily thrown them on with a classic button down shirt. Depending on the look you’re aiming for, you can either wear them with flats, trainers, or stilettos. There’s really no wrong way to style them.

Style Bermuda Shorts In Color Block

The more colors, the merrier. Style your bermuda shorts into an unexpected color block this summer. You can go simple with a tucked in camisole and chiffon blouse, or go edgy in a statement colored blouse. If you choose the latter route, ensure your shorts don’t have any extra details to avoid too busy. Remember, you want the attention to be on your carefully devised color parade.

Bermuda Shorts With A Blazer

Take your outfit from casual to boss lady in an instant with a blazer. It’s so easy and transforming, you’d wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. You can play around with monochrome takes for a more coordinated look, however, do ensure to keep your accessory game on check. By incorporating the right accessories into this ensemble, you can take this look further on the style charts.

Coordinate With Bermuda Shorts

Co-ords are here to stay, so why not get your bermuda shorts in a matching set? Think about how you’ll have no need to wonder what you’ll wear when you opt for a co-ord set.

Bermuda Shorts And Turtleneck

Whichever type of bermuda shorts you have, you can wear them right with a turtleneck. This is especially stylish on petite girls as this look is sure to make you look taller. That is not to say that this wouldn’t suit tall girls, of course it would! Slay away.

There you have it, no piece is really so bad if you can put your individual feel to it. Bermuda shorts are pretty classy against popular opinion.