Ganja White Night released their ninth studio album, “Dark Wobble”

Five years ago, Ganja White Night released their album Mr. Wobble. Now, their ninth studio album, and the loose successor to the wobble series, Dark Wobble, is here on the auspicious 4/20, a day which obviously holds some significance to the cannabis-named duo. Spanning 10 tracks, the first seven tracks ahead of the two collabs and cover at the end are super heady, almost ambient bass music, and clearly have an audience in mind. They’re made for hazy rooms and items passed around in a circle, with synths, strings, and vocals that connote those kinds of environments.

For the more general bass heads, the final three tracks, collaborations with Boogie T, SubDocta, and a cover of “In The Hall Of The Mountain King,” are far more up your alley. 2021 holds promise of a monumental sold out 3-day event for Ganja White Night, as the duo recently revealed that they’d be performing three consecutive nights at the iconic Red Rocks in Denver. Wobble Rocks will take place on November 12, 13 and 14. Each night has a different lineup of openers, and each GWN set will be different. More info on their site here:

Check out Dark Wobble below!