Ganja White Night & Liquid Stranger Team Up For “Jungle Juice”

ganja white night liquid stranger

Liquid Stranger is an absolute legend, and Ganja White Night have also become something of legends themselves after a string of stellar releases and a dedicated fanbase constantly singing their praises. Yesterday, the two artists teamed up for the first time for their new tune, “Jungle Juice.” It’s funny actually — I was first listening to this song at about 20% volume, thinking it was okay, but really nothing that special. And then I noticed the volume level and turned it up to 100% and finally had that “Oh, fuck” moment.

The bass on this is spectacular and is mixed to perfection with the drums and synths. It’s also a great mix of both artists’ similar styles, hanging heavy on the wobbles and wubs. The slight tribal synths play well into the “Jungle” motif of the track, as well. Check out “Jungle Juice” from GWN and Liquid Stranger below.