Gammer Returns To Happy Hardcore With Powerful Single, “This Is The End”

Gammer’s name is legendary in the happy hardcore world, but most of his releases as of late haven’t reflected that legacy. Among major hits like “Blow This” and “Underdogs,” he’s been sticking to a heavier bass sound. Earlier this year, he finally put out his remix of Ran-D’s “Zombie” cover, one of the most sought-after IDs for a long, long time. Now, he comes back to happy hardcore with a new, powerful original called “This Is The End” with David Spekter.

People like to point toward trance or melodic bass when they talk about songs that would make you cry and feel emotional, but happy hardcore is just as likely to do so, if not more. The combination of brilliant melodies with a powerfully fast tempo and those supersaws just brings out something really deep inside. “This Is The End” is a stunning example of that property of happy hardcore.

“This sound is very personal to me and David. It touches on a lot of the changes in my personal life as well as my ever changing relationship with music. I felt it fitting to put into a happy hardcore song being the genre that made me fall in love with it all.” – Gammer

Spekter is just as culpable in the onslaught of feels from the single, playing along perfectly with the soft, acoustic guitar in the intro. It’s a wonderful way to precede the more electronic side of the track, giving that juxtaposition. It’s the sort of call and response that really creates those special moments at live shows, as well.

“This song started as Matt’s struggle with feeling musically static, wanting to expand but not wanting to let his fans down; recognizing that moving on meant letting go. As we wrote it another more fundamental theme emerged…change.

“Both Matt and I were recently divorced when we wrote the song; it’s the kind of thing where your whole life is uprooted, in many ways against your will, and you’re forced to reconcile with the outcome. You say goodbye to people and places you’ve loved in hopes that one day, you can come back to that place in happiness instead of anger.” – David Spekter

Listen to “This Is The End” from Gammer feat. David Spekter below, out now on Monstercat.

Photo via Emp Media