Game Changing Season for LIMITATO


2019 marks the biggest year to date in the life span of emerging Swedish fashion label LIMITATO. With an organic drive to partner the best in quality with the best in iconic imagery and art, LIMITATO’S stock has risen considerably since its first unveiling four years ago. But as is the case, life and work become more complicated with success and the childhood founders and friends, with extended team, now face the next stage of cementing a legacy that will form the foundations to create longevity.

Creative lead Gustav Peterson and CEO Emrik Olausson first met as youngsters on rival estates in the suburbs of Gothenburg, a few head-to-heads later, they came together as best friends which continued through school, university and onto their combined business venture.

After happening upon and securing the rights to some serious rock-star images via a Swedish photographer, the partners started a business focused on creating T-shirting of outstanding quality that carried iconic photography from the likes of UK legendary snapper Terry Richardson. Fast-Forward five seasons and we now see a collection brimming with master partners across contemporary art, photography and from newcomers to old stars.

The collections too have developed five-fold as LIMITATO now churns out jackets, tailored trousers, hoodies and shirting – SS20 will also introduce huge statement accessories ranging from slip-on sneakers to leather tote bags, laptop cases and card-holders. “It has been one hell of an experience already,” says Olausson “We never expected what has happened to happen, but the ride has just been so intense, fun and challenging. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

A 21-hour drive from Gothenburg to Florence to show at Pitti in 2015 was the first marker of success, this then motivating the partners to develop perhaps what people see as an age-old concept but with detailing that was not. “Yes people have put imagery on T-shirts for a long time, but that’s not what we do. We curate and develop meaningful pieces with quality at the heart,” says Peterson “Our collections and partnerships continuously evolve and we strive to operate and maintain an independent way of working and doing ‘our’ thing – we don’t follow, we build our own community.”

With retail partners including Harrods onboard, where the brand incidentally sells very strongly, LIMITATO is now maturing and experienced enough to tackle the new challenges head on, which is something both founders welcome. “We’re not here to rest on our laurels and just sell T-shirts,” adds Olausson. “We want to face new challenges and we want to tackle them head on, that’s our drive and determination and it never wavers.” Artist collaborators for the A/W19 Collection include Craig Alan, Gered Mankowitz, RIOCAM, Massimo Agosti-nelli, Terry O’Neil, Loribelle Spirovski and Le Fauves among others.