Galantis Go Party Vibe On New Jackson Wang Collab, “Pretty Please”

It’s hard to think that Galantis’ latest album, Church, just came out earlier this year. These six months in quarantine have felt like a whole year just unto themselves. But it’s true. And in the time since the album came out in February, the group has already released a new single with Ship Wrek and Pink Sweat$, plus a new collaboration out this weekend with Jackson Wang, “Pretty Please.” “Pretty Please” is a bit, just a tad bit deeper than their usual sugary pop productions, though it’s still plenty fun. Catchy lyrics and a fun rhythm make this an instant earworm, mixing low and high vocal registers and a bouncy style that melds an emotional register and a super party vibe.

While some have reacted like this is a bit different than their usual style, and they might well be right, it’s still well within the Galantis ethos of production. Check out “Pretty Please” below!

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