Galantis and NGHTMRE Team Up For Surprising New Collaboration, “Tu Tu Tu”

Galantis and NGHTMRE doesn’t seem like a typical pair, but quarantine has thrown all sense of “normalcy” out the window anyway. And with producers stuck at home with no shows, it seems like their creativity is really getting a chance to blossom and some new combinations are coming out of the woodwork. Enter “Tu Tu Tu” with Liam O’Donnell, a house song that is unlike either artist would make on their own. NGHTMRE’s bass chops are nowhere to be found, nor are Galantis’ unique pop sound. Instead, “Tu Tu Tu” is a catchy house tune with a memorable riff.

“I‘ve been a big fan of NGHTMRE for a long time, and Tyler even did a remix of my song “Hunter”, so finally being able to get into the studio with him was inspiring. The pandemic gave us more time together than we normally would have, and allowed us to really be creative. I think the end result is something timeless and unique…and we may have made more music together, so keep your eyes out.” – Galantis

Check out the new collaboration below!