G Jones Unveils Two New Singles from Upcoming Sophomore Album “PATHS”

Fans of G Jones have a lot to be excited about with the recent announcement of his forthcoming sophomore album, PATHS. The album is set to drop later this year, but the first two singles, “Daydreams” and “Which Way”, are available now for fans to enjoy.

With these new releases, G Jones seems to be exploring a more psychedelic and whimsical side of his music, rather than his usual synth-heavy style. While some may miss his heavier material, these new tracks are a testament to his ability to evolve and experiment with new sounds.

Listeners can expect a more introspective and cerebral experience with this new album, which promises to be a departure from his previous work. “Which Way” is a perfect example of this new direction, while still offering a satisfying listening experience for fans.

Be sure to stay tuned for more news and updates regarding PATHS, and in the meantime, give “Daydreams” and “Which Way” a listen.