G Jones Returns With His Second Single “ A2C2I2D ”, A Tribute To The Legendary Roland TB-303 Synth

G Jones is back with another technical masterpiece just a few weeks after the highly anticipated release of his single “On My Mind” w/ Eprom. “A2C2I2D”, the second single from his upcoming Acid Disk 2 EP, is a tribute to the iconic Roland TB-303 Synth, which was instrumental in the creation of the acid house genre. Despite being a commercial flop, the TB-303 came to define the sound of acid house and changed the trajectory of electronic music for decades to come in the hands of Chicago-based house music producer DJ Pierre.

G Jones’ reverence for early rave culture’s classic sounds and synthesizers is well-known, with his productions frequently combining iconic sounds from the 1980s and 1990s with a decidedly modern musical sensibility to create a dynamic style all his own. He pushes the fundamental elements of acid house to their absolute limits on “A2C2I2D”, demonstrating the ingenuity and creativity that has earned him the respect of his fans and peers all over the world. This supercharged single pushes anticipation for Acid Disk 2 into overdrive, with a backbone of screamingly hot breakbeats and distorted, squelching acid straight from the otherworld.