G Jones & EPROM Release First Single Together Since 2017, “Daemon Veil”

Trying to describe the music of G Jones or Eprom is like trying to describe color to the blind. It’s impossibly difficult to understand unless you experience it for yourself. In 2017, the two defied all odds when they teamed up for “Hysteria.” Now, they’ve done it again with their new collaboration, “Daemon Veil.” For G Jones, this is his first track since he released his debut album The Ineffable Truth last year. For Eprom, this is the second single from his forthcoming Aikon EP due out later this year on Deadbeats.

Eprom says of the release, “This tune was a special one for me and Greg because we took the opportunity to explore the DNA of some of our early influences, the prescient artists who hacked together the prototypes of acid and jungle that brought us where we are today.” Indeed, remnants of both acid and jungle can be found in the new single, albeit morphed, melted, and resolidified in ways unfamiliar to the human eye. Looking at the track art alone, it’s clear that this is meant to be a wildly mental exercise in sound design and music — and it’s worked. Listen to “Daemon Veil” below.