G Jones, Eprom, & More Call Out Behringer For Video With Anti-Semitic Undertones

Any popular product or brand has to be comfortable with criticism and grow a thick skin. Behringer, a company with a history of disreputable business practices, might have just taken it one step too far by releasing a video seemingly attacking CDM journalist and synth blogger Peter Kirn with anti-semitic tropes.

The video, now deleted on Behringer’s official channels, depicts a synthesizer called the KIRN Cork Sniffer. A ‘cork sniffer’ can be defined as ‘a derogatory term used to describe a person that tends to overanalyze physical properties that may not even be relevant,’ according to Urban Dictionary. Kirn is known to be overly critical of Behringer products, though cause for his criticism seems to be widely supported, especially in this Reddit thread first addressing the video.

The face of the synth shows an image of a bearded man with glasses and an elongated nose with a wide grin, reminiscent of Nazi-era propaganda images of Jews. Music Tribe, parent company of Behringer, actually went so far as to trademarke Kirn’s name for the purposes of making any products related to electronic music-making. (Examples here.)

Hey @Behringer did you really think we were all going to find this hilarious? 🙄 and now you’ve deleted it! 🤣 don’t worry I have a copy if you lost the original 👍


— canitambient (@canitambient) March 3, 2020

The video has gotten the attention of many, including Eprom and G Jones. Both producers admonished Behringer for “childish behavior” and “intimidating journalists with racist attacks.”

Fuck Behringer no cap. Predators. What childish behavior.

— Eprom — Aikon EP Out Now (@eprombeats) March 3, 2020

Really hope @Superbooth_Bln cancels Behringer’s booth at their show. Intimidating journalists with racist attacks should have no place in the music industry.

— Eprom — Aikon EP Out Now (@eprombeats) March 3, 2020

fuck behringer. don’t buy their products
fuck all racists

— G JONES (@gjonesbass) March 3, 2020

Owners of Behringer gear have begun throwing out their products or viciously destroying them in response to the ridiculous and intimidating video.

— P Λ U L F Λ R R E R (@paulmfarrer) March 3, 2020

Behringer has since issued an apology for the video. In the comments, they also said they would be cancelling their trademark application for Kirn’s name.

Kirn VideoPlease allow me to respond to the video we had published today. For the past 20 years, Peter Kirn and…

Posted by Behringer on Monday, March 3, 2020