Full Length Of Greenpeace ID Released By Flume

It’s been five years. We’ve been waiting five years to hear the full version of this Flume X Greenpeace ID, and it looks like we finally have it thanks to a Discord AMA from Flume himself. Flume teased some unreleased songs on social media and YouTube five years ago.

It’s the first time we’ve heard a 90-second snippet of this previously unreleased song, which he released “in collaboration with Greenpeace Australia Pacific.”

Fans have been pleading for years to hear the full version, and thanks to Flume, we now have it. Because the song was never officially released, it’s unclear whether it will eventually be taken down by a label, allowing you to download it here. However, it’s unclear whether the download link will remain active indefinitely, so act quickly.

Flume x Greenpeace (Full Version)