From His Upcoming Album “GRAVEBLOOM”, MUST DIE! Makes A Comeback With The First Single

MUST DIE! follows his own set of rules, and it’s a game that each music fan should try. While the musician rose to prominence as a significant player in the bass scene, his sound and breadth as a producer have evolved into something that defies categorization. Consider his live sets: many of the tracks are around 160 BPM, with a lot of techno and other unusual and fantastic noises invading the space. MUST DIE!’s records have shown this tendency for some time, with his most recent album, CRISIS VISION, published last year, probing the outer reaches of the electronic music world.

Following two significant collaborations with Eptic and Zomboy for their respective projects, MUST DIE!’s new song ‘GRAVEBLOOM’ is the next stop on his journey. The music was influenced by vintage UK rave acts such as The Prodigy, Atari Teenage Riot, and Squarepusher. It stands out for its use of an 80s-inspired synth line, crackling percussion, and jagged breakbeats.

Check it out below!