Free Download: Droptek Drops Some More Tek With ‘Flex’ [Korsakov]

The bass world is barely recovering from Droptek’s massive Symbiosis LP which released on Korsakov last month but that doesn’t seem to be stopping him. Today, the enigmatic UK producer dropped another filthy track for free download on SoundCloud.


While Symbiosis was all over the place genre-wise and showcased diverse style and ability to program at any BPM, with “Flex” Droptek has re-pledged his loyalty to 174 and no mistaking. “Flex” is fierce, funky and designed for maximum neurofunk groove. With an ambient and melodic intro, breaks and outro, the track winds up into a techy drop. After that it’s steppy, techy dancefloor vibes of the highest order but, like most of Droptek’s tracks, “Flex” has a good injection of soul to it. His sound design isn’t just about experimenting and getting things pitch perfect, but bringing in a vibe and a groove. This subtle but important factor is on display win “Flex,” which means tech heads of all persuasions will want to bounce to this.

There may not be anything to the name “Flex” for this track but it does seem it is particularly good as encapsulating all the best things from each era and even each subgenre of DnB. This track is flexible enough to love all DnB; are you?

“Flex” is available for free download now on Droptek’s Soundcloud. Stay tuned to that channel as well as Korsakov’s Soundcloud, where Droptek also just dropped a sick mix. for more techy dancefloor tracks and news.

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