Four years ago today The Weeknd & Daft Punk’s “Starboy” Came Out

Back in 2016, The Weeknd dropped his fourth studio album (technically six if you count each individual mixtape in Trilogy), Starboy. Four years ago today, he dropped the lead single and title track from the album, “Starboy,” with the legendary Daft Punk.

At the time, this was the first track that Daft Punk had produced and/or been featured on since their 2013 album Random Access Memories. The pairing alone, not to mention the news of new Daft Punk music itself, was cause for celebration and was more than noteworthy. As for the single itself, of course it was heavily tailored to fit The Weeknd’s vocal and musical style, but the elements of Daft Punk found from RAM were still easily noticeable.

Later, the two released another collaboration from the album, “I Feel It Coming,” a comparatively more bright and whimsical track that had a funkier rhythm. The two Daft Punk collaborations bookended the album, giving it a complete arc.

Listen again to “Starboy” below!