Four Ways In Which A Solo Luxury Travel Experience Could Be For You

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” A quote often attributed to Mark Twain, but whether the famous novelist said those words or not, the sentiment surely resonates with many of us who have felt like the past year’s restrictions have left us wanting. When travel restrictions are lifted and our desires to get out into the world once more can be achieved, how do we shake off the past year and make sure that we enjoy our time to its fullest? One option is to travel solo. Whether by choice or necessity, travelling alone offers up a world of possibility, from freeing yourself up to experience all of the things that you want to do without compromise to finding love on a new continent. The benefits of travelling alone are plentiful, here we take a look at four ways in which a solo luxury travel experience could be for you.

The perfect way to refuel


We mentioned the stressful past year, right? Although some have found a renewed sense of calm and have thoroughly enjoyed quality family time and reduced commuting times, among other things, others have felt stuck in a never-ending cycle of the same day on repeat, with depleted energy to boot. A luxury travel experience can be the perfect way to refuel, rejuvenate and build back your energy levels, just as long as you as you fully embrace the experience as your own. You could head off on a wellness retreat and enjoy some calming activities, a full physical and mental MOT, nourish your mind and body and leave feeling perfectly rejuvenated for your return to everyday life. Alternatively, you could check into a fabulous five-star, all-inclusive hotel beside a beautiful beach and thoroughly treat yourself to spa treatments, delicious foods, and some alone time.

Make time for all the activities you’re interested in


Regardless of where you choose to go on a luxury vacation, there’s always going to be a wealth of activities and options for you to explore, so book that big break and tick off all of the experiences that you’ve been waiting to do. If you’re feeling adventurous, then you could go on a road trip while on vacation, learn to surf, or head to a city and explore the museums that interest you without feeling as though you’re dragging an uninterested travel partner along behind you.

Meet someone new

couple on date

Of course, a luxury vacation where you’re flying solo could also be the perfect way to meet someone new who could, with no exaggeration, completely change your life for the better. A big benefit of meeting someone while travelling is that it gives you a chance to meet someone who has shared or similar interests. Certain solo travel locations can also be incredibly romantic and could be the ideal for a spur of the moment date with someone new, or even a pre-planned meeting via a travel dating company. You never know, you could even find yourself speaking to a spouse visa lawyer in the near future if things go well!

Explore a new country and discover more about yourself

new zealand

If you are thinking about heading on a solo travel adventure, it’s worth exploring the best places to go on this type of luxury vacation. There are quite a few possibilities worth exploring here, and Travel and Leisure have listed 20 countries that are ideal for the solo traveller, with Iceland, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Chile, Spain and Netherlands all making it on the list. Whether you’re exploring glaciers, enjoy wine tasting tours, visiting famous landmarks or sampling the local cuisine, you can be sure that these places will offer the perfect experiences while allowing you to discover more about the country you’re in and the person you are, too.