Fortunxte presents his Prolific Rap Style and Engaging Musicality through a Series of Sings from ‘Inertia’

Completely flabbergasted with Fortunxte melodic rap-singing in his latest soundtracks that depict his life struggles in a relatable manner. Hip hop is all about presenting words in a rather catchy way by using bumping beats and other elevating sound forms, and this particular rapper got my attention with his most rightfully equipped voice which has its sense of identity. It was more of his voice that his storytelling ability seemed so natural and the music direction is superb. On his latest album ‘Inertia’ that encompasses 13 songs, there are four specific songs that need to be heard by any ardent lover of real hip-hop.

‘For a Reason’, ‘Good Vibes Only’, ‘You Know’, and ‘Ride Slow’ kept me on my toes as Fortunxte underlined all the songs with his strong appealing voice that drew imagery sketches of his long struggles and all the self-doubt that he has faced in life. His class-apart taste in picking the right kind of instrumentals to pave the way is tremendously engaging and is quite a contrast with his lyrical expression. Overall all the four songs ‘For a Reason’, ‘Good Vibes Only’, ‘You Know’ and ‘Ride Slow’ have greatly appealed to me in terms of both rap style and music front and it’s been playing on repeat on my Spotify playlist for long. Listen to the now and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more updates.

Listen to these songs check out the following links :

For a Reason :

Good Vibes Only :

You Know :

Ride Slow :