Former ‘The Walking Dead’ Star Chandler Riggs Drops New Single Under Steve Aoki’s Label

2018 was an interesting year for now 19 year-old Chandler Riggs. Most well known for his time on the AMC hit show The Walking Dead, Riggs has since departed from the show shocking many of the show’s most hardcore fans. However, it appears that Riggs is continuing to dabble with electronic music production with a little push from Steve Aoki.

Chandler Riggs is now signed with Steve Aoki’s music discovery label New Noise. Under the name Eclipse, Riggs’ new single titled “Endeavor” is a creep of future bass that flips into a slapping hybrid of house and trap. This description can sound a little confusing, but the song itself is a perfect fit with Aoki’s imprint and worth checking out. But “Endeavor” is not Rigg’s first output of electronic music. Last year, Eclipse dropped four tracks under his Lunar – EP. He even had a set at EDC Las Vegas in 2018 that certainly competes with what the music industry pros are up to.

In an interview with KTLA, Riggs discussed the dual nature of his work in acting and in music saying,

“I’m actually producing music kind of on the side, and I’m starting to play some shows and things like that. I’m doing that and acting, it’s quite a lot to juggle but it’s a lot of fun. I produce electronic kind of music, like EDM kind of stuff. Acting is awesome, but I’m really, really able to express myself creatively in music.”

Although we won’t be seeing Rick Grimes calling out for “Caaaarl” anytime soon (since he’s also left The Walking Dead), we can now watch Chandler Riggs evolve as an artist in a genre he has always appreciated. And for fans of his acting, he’s currently appearing as a recurring character on ABC’s A Million Little Things and will be featured in two upcoming films that are currently in post-production.

Until then, check out “Endeavor” by Eclipse.

Source: Metro