For Men’s Hairstyles, Tips And Tricks On How To Get Natural Curls

Maintaining a coiled mane can appear to be an impossible task for a man. This guide is for you if you’ve been wondering how to get natural curls and how to properly maintain them. There are many products on the market that make false promises and tell old wives’ tales about how to deal with curly hair. Fortunately for you, we went through a lot of these promises and best practices and came up with the best natural curls tips. Discard any advice from your mother’s friends or YouTube videos in favor of the list we’ve compiled for you. Whether you’re at work, the gym, or the bar, your handsome, masculine, natural curls will follow you wherever you go with our help (and this handy guide).

Hair Washing Should Be Minimized

Hopefully, you already know this, but washing your hair less frequently is the first and simplest step toward achieving natural curls. Shampooing your hair, as you may know, is one of the worst ways to dry it out and leave it vulnerable to fly-away hairs and breakages. Your curls, and hair in general, produce natural oils that keep them healthy. Natural oils also assist hair in clumping together to form beautiful ringlets. To help support this God-given hair savior, avoid using shampoos that contain silicone and sulfates, as these will strip your hair of all moisture and oil.

Curls of various types will necessitate varying levels of attention. Guys with looser curls can get away with two to three washings per week, but those with spring-tight rings should aim for one co-wash per week (which may sound strange at first, but bear with us) and only one shampoo deep cleaning per month. Trust us when we say that it works right away.

Make Use Of A Wide-Toothed Comb (instead of a brush)

If you’re still brushing your hair instead of using a wide-tooth comb, you should be grateful you found this guide because you’re seriously jeopardizing your chances of having healthy curls. Brushing curly hair, which can be brittle, is a sure way to end up with a tangle of split ends. Instead, a wide-toothed comb should suffice for your detangling requirements.

Use a wide toothed comb instead of brush

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It will take some trial and error, but you will eventually find the perfect tooth thickness for your size locks. Once you’ve found your new favorite comb, apply a small amount of oil or conditioner to the teeth, then hold your hair just before the knot and gently work the teeth through your hair. It will take some maneuvering, but when done correctly, you can remove those tangles without destroying the grouping of your curls or tearing your ends up. Toss those brushes in the trash, use them as kindling, and keep them away from your natural curls at all costs.

Allow Your Hair To Dry Naturally

If you’re the type who showers right before leaving for work or going to bed, you may need to adjust your shower schedule a little, but letting your hair dry naturally is another simple way to keep your curly hair healthy.

Let your hair dry naturally

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Curly hair is naturally the driest hair type (I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that), so forcing it to dry faster is a no-no. Avoiding any unnecessary heat from touching your hair will keep it as moist as possible. Use a microfiber towel to keep your soaking wet hair from drenching your shirt. In the worst-case scenario, you could always perform the dog shake.

Try Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt sprays are worth a try if you want to add volume to your curly hair. Sea salt sprays add texture and volume, giving you that popular surfer hair, fresh-from-the-tropical-beach look. If you have naturally curly hair, a little sea salt spray adds bounce and allows the curls to be a little fuller. One issue is that the salt in the spray can slightly dry out your hair and strip it of some of its oil, weighing it down. It won’t completely dry out your hair (if it did, it wouldn’t be on this list), but keep that in mind if keeping your hair moist has been a problem for you. People with straight or wavy hair will benefit from sea salt spray as well. The spray will make the natural kinks and waves in their hair more noticeable.

Avoid Anti-Frizz Products

Many anti-frizz products on the market are not designed for naturally curly hair. They’re fine for people with frizzy straight hair, maybe even wavy hair, but anti-frizz products contain a lot of chemicals that will leave curly hair dry and damaged.

Condition your hair

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Instead, try co-washing, naturally drying your hair, and wide-toothed combs to get the control you need, so ditch the anti-frizz products.

Curl Enhancing Products Should Be Used

Curl cream is a fantastic product for men with curly hair. It forms a thin film on the hair, which helps to keep the cuticles smooth and hydrated. Softer cuticles allow your hair to glide past each other instead of creating friction, which eventually leads to knots and tangles. Curl cream also helps your hair retain/restore moisture and promotes coil formation, so you can be confident that you’ll have the textbook, bouncy curls that women desire. Finding a suitable curl cream to incorporate into your routine is one of the best ways for men to achieve and maintain natural curls.

Try Hairspray

We’re not talking about the crunchy, sticky stuff worn by hair metal bands and soccer moms in the 1980s. The days of flashy aerosol cans destroying fashion (and the ozone layer) are officially over. Hairsprays are now available for a variety of purposes. A thickening hairspray can help add volume, shine, hold, or whatever your heart desires to your hair game if you struggle to keep your natural curl throughout the day or have fine curls.

Are you looking for a way to protect your hair from the humidity? For that, there’s a hairspray. Want a stronghold but don’t want to deal with the flakes and crispy feeling? There are many strong yet flexible holds on the market that will allow your hair to breathe and bounce without looking like you have dandruff if you scratch it. Hair sprays that are 100 percent natural are also available, so you’ll have a smaller carbon footprint on your conscience. There aren’t many good reasons to avoid hairspray these days, so it’s time to embrace it.

You Should Condition Your Hair (here comes the co-wash)

Make sure to condition your hair properly after washing it. Shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils, and we all know that maintaining them is essential for great curls. Men with more tightly coiled curls should avoid washing them altogether (except perhaps once a month) and instead use a co-wash. A co-wash is when you follow your normal shower routine, but instead of washing your hair with shampoo and then conditioner, you skip the shampoo and only use conditioner.

Choose the right haircut

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If this is your first time hearing this, it may sound crazy, but using a conditioner is a great way to build up the natural oils in your hair and leave your scalp feeling hydrated and healthy. As previously stated, washing your hair with shampoo too frequently will cause fly-away hairs and dry it out, so a conditioner is essential if you want to avoid that dreaded frizz. Because conditioners weigh down your hair, finding the right co-wash can help your hair look sleeker and avoid any unwanted puffiness.

Make Use Of A Heat Curler

If you have straight hair, heat curlers are the quickest way to make it curly. Don’t expect it to last; your hair will eventually straighten back out, but you’ll have the hair of your dreams for a short time (but a good hairspray can help). If you’re not used to using curling irons, just be cautious because it’s easy to damage your hair if you’re not careful. If you insist on using a heat curler, there are brands that claim not to strip moisture or damage naturally curly hair, but do your research before taking their word for it.

Consider A Perm

You don’t have to look like Jon Bon Jovi in the 1980s with perms. They’ve moved on from that (unless that’s the look you’re going for, of course). A perm can help add volume to your natural curls, so it’s worth considering if you want more thickness and texture. For guys with straight hair, a perm can be a fun way to experience the curly hair lifestyle for a short time. Simply keep in mind that your naturally straight hair will eventually return to its original state.

Select The Appropriate Haircut

When it comes to curl maintenance, the right haircut is crucial. Many guys with thick, curly hair have a problem with the sides puffing out too much, giving them a rounded appearance that you should avoid. The most straightforward solution is to cut the problematic locks off, but finding the best haircuts for men isn’t always easy. Consider a fringe on top that is longer and a short to medium fade on the sides. You can leave some hair there if you want, but it should be manageable. It doesn’t take a lot of curls to make a statement.

Man with curly Hair

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