Flux Pavilion’s forthcoming sophomore album, “I Believe”

We finally have a release date for Flux Pavilion’s forthcoming sophomore album, .wav, after delaying it. Originally set for release in 2020, the 16-track album is due out January 21 next year, and Flux just dropped the next single in the beautiful saga.


“I Believe,” with Asha, is an assortment of glistening synths and pretty melodies coupled with his iconic bass sounds, albeit a little more subtle in this quaint single. Following up previous single like “You & I” and “Sink Your Teeth In,” we’re gradually getting a clearer picture of the album overall.

Hotly-tipped vocalist Asha previously lent her vocals to UKF Bass Culture banger ‘ONLY US’ in 2018 with Francois & Louis Benton and Riddim Commission before hopping on “I Believe” with Flux Pavilion.

Check out the new single below!

Photo via Fiona Garden