Flux Pavilion remix one of Whethan’s album singles, “Upside Down” feat Grouplove

Flux Pavilion and Whethan first teamed up in 2016 for the smash hit “Savage” with MAX, which has gone on to amass over 100 million plays on Spotify alone. Now, they’re (sort of) together again as Flux Pavilion has been called upon to remix one of Whethan’s album singles, “Upside Down” featuring Grouplove. Since 2016, Flux Pavilion has earnestly tapped into his “new” sound with the release of his album .wav earlier this year and he brings that unique sound to this remix. It’s a bit of a slower burn with more pronounced, textured melodies and beautiful progressions, capitalizing on Grouplove’s whimsical vocals and the original groundwork laid by Whethan.

“Flux was one of my favorite acts when I was first getting into music,” says Whethan. “When I first heard ‘I Can’t Stop’ I was so inspired by it, I knew I had to be involved in that world. This remix is a combination of so many different worlds and styles and I’m honored Flux would want to hop on the remix.” Flux Pavilion says, “A big fan of Whethan since day one, it’s been a pleasure watching him explore his sound and his newest album is a treat. When I heard ‘Upside Down’ I had an instant idea and its extraction from my brain was as organic as it could be. I don’t know what genre it is, but it feels right to me.” Listen below!