Flux Pavilion Releases Dreamy New Single, “Sink Your Teeth In”

Flux Pavilion is on a roll with new releases since 2019, with 8 new releases bearing similar branding and track art. Album perhaps? Nothing has been confirmed, but it’s not like there isn’t a lot of material to go on. Today, he drops his latest work, a collaboration with Drowsy, a dreamy bass tune that feels like a fever dream version of older Flux. Plenty of his hallmark effects and bass notes can be found in “Sink Your Teeth In,” compared to his latest release with Feed Me, “Survive.” It has a punchy bassline and hard drums but pairs it with gossamer synths and Drowsy’s hypnotic voice.

His sound has definitely been evolving over the past 18-24 months, and it’s nice to hear that even through the evolution, he can tie in his classic sound and elevate it. Listen to “Sink Your Teeth In” below!

Photo via Rukes.com