Flux Pavilion & Feed Me Finally Release Their Collab, “Survive” feat. meesh

The difference between 2010 Flux Pavilion and 2020 Flux Pavilion is like the difference between 2010 Porter Robinson and 2020 Porter Robinson. A co-founder of Circus Records, one of the most successful dubstep labels of the past decade, has taken a turn toward pop and more blissful soundscapes than the “Bass Cannon”s of the past. This is particularly noticeable in his track art and past few singles like “Endless Fantasy,” “I Will Stay,” and “Surrender.” The same motif continues with his new, and hotly anticipated collaboration with Feed Me, “Survive” featuring meesh.

No one can say that they didn’t see this coming, because Flux has been pushing this style of music since early 2019. In contrast, Feed Me has actually taken a turn back toward his Feed Me’s Big Adventure days with his last few releases, “Coffee Black,” “New Shoes,” and “Money, Destiny.”

So, “Survive” is a bit of an enigma. There are nostalgic sounds and synths, like the bass stab at 54 seconds, which is peak Flux. And then there are entirely new elements like the whole time signature, as well as the weeb-ish vocals from meesh, whose only original music has been two singles in 2014 and 2018. She’s also appeared on tracks from Anamanaguchi and Chordslayer, making her presence on a Flux Pavilion and Feed Me track that much more of a head scratcher.

Without a doubt, “Survive” will have both Feed Me and Flux Pavilion fans debating internally whether they actually like it or not. It’s definitely not a song that most fans of either artist will appreciate on first listen, and it’s hard to even conceive of how it would be received in a live setting. All that being said… it’s a pretty song. The production is immaculate, no surprise there considering who made it. And it’s certain to spark some lively discussion. Listen to “Survive” featuring meesh from Flux Pavilion and Feed Me below.