Flux Pavilion Drops his new single From Forthcoming Album, “You & I”

Flux Pavilion has been going through an evolution. From his myriad EPs and debut album five years ago, his sound has stayed fairly consistent up until the beginning of 2019 with “Savior” featuring CRaymak and Tasha Baxter. This was the first release that featured his new style of track art, and implicitly signaled a change in his sound. Since then, we’ve gotten eight new singles, bouncing between wild new sounds, e.g., “Survive” with Feed Me, and classic reminders of where he came from like “Sink Your Teeth In” with Drowsy. With a new album on the horizon, his new single out yesterday, “You & I,” is a brilliant middle ground between his new pop-leaning sound and a nod to his heavy bass origins.

The mixdown on “You & I” is beautifully dense, never leaving a moment of silence or weightlessness, always leaning heavily into the underlying bass tones for a full-sounding song that is sure to leave you with goosebumps. Flux Pavilion, of course, has never had issue with melding his bassline and melody and it feels like he’s putting his all into this new single. Check out “You & I” below, out now via Circus Records!

Photo via Rukes.com