Flume Taps Petit Biscuit For Official Remix Of “Rushing Back”

Flume has showered us with new music, and it seems as though he’s just getting started. To further promote his recent single “Rushing Back” featuring Vera Blue, Flume has enlisted French producer Petit Biscuit to handle remix duties. Expertly combining elements of indie electronic, future bass, and chill trap, Petit Biscuit has breathed new life into “Rushing Back.” In his typical fashion, Petit Biscuit’s remix swirls into a luxurious soundscape filled with dreamy melodies and effervescent tones. Stream Petit Biscuit’s dazzling “Rushing Back” remix below.

Ever since I was 12 years old, Flume has inspired me to innovate in everything I make. He is an artist that is constantly pushing the limits of our genre forward. It’s an honour to be able to bring my signature sound to one of his tracks, lending it somewhat of a dreamy quality. – Petit Biscuit

Flume – Rushing Back (feat. Vera Blue) [Petit Biscuit Remix]