Flume Surprise-Releases New 10-Track Mixtape

Flume discovered an old laptop from his 2012 era with music he believed he’d lost last year; he spent some time recovering what he could and ended up releasing a couple tunes. He later teased followers on Twitter, saying, “There’s more.” Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan, a 10-track mixtape comprising tracks restored and published from the vault stretching from 2012 to 2020, was released this morning. It features collaborations with Injury Reserve, Isabella Manfredi, and Panda Bear. In classic Flume flair, the track names represent the rawness of the production and are almost tongue-in-cheek.

In addition. Flume has scheduled a 10 Years Of Flume headline event at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, accompanied by Chet Faker and KUKA. Pre-sale registration is available here.

— Flume (@flumemusic) February 9, 2023