Fluencee Drops The Perfect First Day Of Summer Tune, “Skinny Dip”

Summer is officially here today, and what a better way to welcome the beach season than with a song called “Skinny Dip” from Fluencee. Opening the song with some seagull cries is an inspired choice, as it already puts you in the summer mood, thinking about the beach, waves, and sand between your toes. With a bubbly and flirtatious melody, “Skinny Dip” doesn’t have to do much to convince you a beach day is worth calling out of work.

“My birthday usually falls on the first day of summer, so I wanted to make a warm, sun-kissed beachside jam for people to rock out to,” says Fluencee. “I produced some smooth saxophone patterns, breezy xylophone strikes and a vocoded Daft Punk-inspired refrain that oozes tropical vibes.”

If the sultry sax and sweeping synths don’t get you in the mood for a sandy picnic, I’m not sure what to tell you. Check out “Skinny Dip” from Fluencee below.