Floating Points has released a new single titled “KEY103”

Floating Points has released a new single titled “KEY103,” signaling a return to unfinished business with his upcoming album, Cascade. Following 2019’s Crush, which was set to dominate dancefloors before the pandemic halted live performances worldwide, Floating Points is ready to continue his musical journey this fall. The lead single from his forthcoming project, “Key103,” promises a full-blown sonic adventure.

“Key103” unfolds in three parts, starting with metallic, shimmering synths that sparkle like light on water. Just when listeners are swept into a euphoric state, the track dives into a mix of churning basslines, distorted tones, and arpeggiated synths, creating a whirlpool of rhythm and sound.

The artwork of Floating Points’ “Floating Points’ upcoming album, “Cascade.” Akiko Nakayama

The single is accompanied by a stunning “Alive Painting” video from Tokyo-based artist Akiko Nakayama. Her visuals complement the track’s dynamism, capturing the flow of the music with shifting colors and movements. Released via Ninja Tune, “Key103” is the first track from Cascade, an album that aims to blend Floating Points’ club roots with his love for expansive, experimental music. Fans can look forward to the album’s release on September 13th.