Flipped Hairstyles For That Fun And Classy Vibe

The modern day fusion with vintage hairstyles is a welcome trend that has got most stylish ladies scurrying off to the salon. Flipped hairstyles are back in case you haven’t heard, and celebrities are rocking the trend in full swing. From Cardi B to Toke Makinwa, women of all ages don’t seem to have enough of it. Flipped hairstyles were first popular in the 60s, made a comeback in the 90s and boy, they are here again in 2021. This flipping fabulous hairstyle can be worn in more ways than one–from ponytails to bob hairstyles. To think that this hairstyle was considered less polished back in the day, but thanks to hairstylists peeking into the past in search of hairspiration, they finally flipped the script and spiced up the regular. 


The bob hairstyle has been with us for as long as we can remember, and is still going strong. Vamp up your hair game with flipped out ends for an unexpected edge. This style is the most popular in the flip hairstyle game. That is to say, you’ll be spoilt for options with the flipped bob style.


Colored flipped

A pop of color is always a good aspiration. Take the flip hairstyle a step further by wearing yours in bold colors. If blonde (as seen below) isn’t your thing, try out interesting hues like red, ginger, platinum, and even pastel colors. There is no limitation in the color spectrum. Go big or go home.




Ponytails with flipped out ends have a subtle yet retro vibe. Flipped hairstyles are now worn with a more up-to-date twist, like Toke Mankinwa has done so effortlessly below. The dramatic flipped out ends would certainly get the much deserved attention. 

Flipped-out hairstyles



This is one evergreen vintage hairstyle that suits almost all face shapes. Rather than a smooth polished finish, this bob hairstyle is flipped out in different directions and still manages to look great. 



Spice up your life with half-up pigtails flip hairstyles. If you are the kinda girl that loves to make a statement with her ensemble, much like Cardi B, the pigtail is for you. You can choose to rock two pigtails or go overboard with more. It can’t get any funkier than this. 



Featured image: @didistone/Instagram