Five Beauty Trends You Should Consider Trying Out This Spring

Spring isn’t just about the change in weather; it’s a time for fresh starts and a chance to rejuvenate your style and beauty routine. Let’s delve into how beauty routines shift with the season and discover five essential tips to update your spring style. It’s all about embracing the new energy and vibrancy of the season with enthusiasm and a refreshed appearance. As spring arrives, it’s important to adjust your beauty regimen to suit the changing climate. Swap out heavy moisturizers for lighter options and embrace makeup trends that reflect the brighter, lighter, and more lively colors of spring. This season, let your beauty routine bloom alongside nature, adopting a lighter and more radiant approach to skincare and makeup.

Here are five beauty trends you should consider trying out this spring:

Dewy skin: Achieve a glowing complexion that reflects renewal. Spring is all about renewal, and there’s no better way to embody it than with hydrated, healthy-looking skin that glows from within. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Rihanna have flaunted this look, showcasing its timeless appeal. To achieve it, prioritize hydration by using a hyaluronic acid serum followed by a tinted moisturizer. You can also enhance your glow with a touch of liquid highlighter on the high points of your face.

Pastel eyeshadows: Embrace the season’s colors with soft pastel eyeshadows. Lavenders, soft pinks, mint greens, and baby blues reflect the palette of spring. Fashion icons like Keke Palmer and Gigi Hadid, along with makeup artists like Pat McGrath, have embraced these hues, creating looks that are both fresh and trendy. Opt for pastel eyeshadow palettes to add a soft wash of color to your lids, ensuring to blend for a seamless finish.

Vibrant lip colors: Make a statement with bold lip colors that scream spring. From electric oranges to hot pinks, bold lips can elevate your overall spring look. Celebrities like Skai Jackson and Zendaya, along with makeup artists like Charlotte Tilbury, often showcase the power of a bold lip. Experiment with vibrant shades and try matte finishes for a fresh feel.

Relaxed and effortless hairstyles: Embrace laid-back hairstyles that complement the easygoing vibe of spring. Think soft waves, casual updos, and natural textures. Celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan, known for his work with Jennifer Aniston, champions effortless styles that are perfect for spring. Whether you opt for lightweight styling creams to enhance your natural texture or use a curling wand for soft waves, let your hair flow freely.

Fresh fragrances: Complete your spring beauty routine with a light and airy fragrance. Choose scents that evoke the freshness of blooming flowers and crisp morning dew. Perfumes like Marc Jacobs Daisy or Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede capture the essence of spring perfectly. Spritz them on your wrists and neck for a gentle reminder of renewal throughout the day.

Spring is more than just a change in the weather; it’s an opportunity to refresh and revitalize your style and beauty routine. Embrace the lighter, brighter, and more vibrant aspects of beauty this season, reflecting the natural renewal happening around us. Experiment with dewy skin, pastel eyeshadows, bold lip colors, relaxed hairstyles, and fresh fragrances to discover your perfect spring look.

Featured image: Micaiah Carter for Elle USA