FIRST: The ship Wrek makes a great transition with the "party"

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How did the transition from a solo act to a duet go now?

This was the absolute best decision for both of us creatively. We have always maintained close relationships for years as friends in two separate musical projects. By working together, we are clicking and pushing each other to become the best we can in music and as people.

What is your process of creation now that two minds merge into one?

We have a unique process. We spend a lot of our time separately creating new ideas. Once the idea is sufficiently advanced, we pass it on. We all have our own skills in production, song writing, etc., and this mixes to create a sound of a higher level.

What are each of your antecedents?

Tripp – I grew up in Gainesville, Florida. As a university town, I was very early exposed to the music industry. I remember when my friends and I were 16, we climbed on the roof of this club that broadcast the main shows in town and we slipped through a back door to see our favorite artists. Throughout high school, I played guitar in bands and during my last year, I started a heavy heavy project called Part Native. Native Part took the unexpected step and gave me the opportunity to browse the world and get massive support from notable DJs and artists.

Collin – I come from a small town outside of Richmond, Virginia, and I left for Los Angeles after graduating from high school. I fell in love with dance music when I was about 12 years old, Scary Monsters, and I had a jam on Flume (I actually pre-ordered Flume's first album).

Tripp, what is the reason you decided to leave the Native Party project?

It was a very difficult decision but I felt that I could not express myself fully musically. I felt that we were putting ourselves in a box and that the fans would not appreciate the other styles I wanted to create. That being said, I know that David will continue with PN and I wish him the best of luck!
By joining the Ship Wrek project with Collin, we have a lot more flexibility and I love it. All the atmosphere in the project makes what makes you happy and rolls with it. I love the direction in which we take our music and I could not be more enthusiastic!

Many of your previous publications have been done with NCS, do you see yourself continuing to relax with them or do you see yourself engaging more in an independent way?

NCS is an excellent platform for new artists and I encourage everyone to go! We plan to take the following steps to truly reinforce our identity as artists and push the boundaries of what it means to be a successful DJ. We have a lot of exciting projects for our brand and our music.

What inspires your productions?

We love fashion and we keep up to date with the latest trends and styles from our favorite designers. For us, clothing is a form of creative art and represents a lot for one person. Also super inspired by listening to podcasts and traveling to play shows!

Who would be your best producers with whom you would like to work one day?

Really really like Chris Lake's music right now and have been collaborating with Disclosure for a long time.

Finally, who is the captain of this ship?

Both of us! We were actually elected by the sexiest boat captains of men … ok maybe not but we should be!

Check out their new single "Party" below and get ready to listen to some new music from this extremely talented duo.

Ship Wrek – Party | Download

FIRST: Ship Wrek makes a big transition with "Party"

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