First Single From GRiZ’s Next Album Is Called “Your Light”

GRiZ has released virtually an album every year since his debut, End of the World Party, in 2011. With such a continuous and consistent production, not to mention a touring schedule, you’d think he’d take some time to ease down every now and again. But, no, his second album is already on the way, with the first track, “Your Light,” out today. Chasing The Golden Hour returns for Part 4, the second album in the series. (Part 1 was released as a mixtape in 2015, whereas Part 2 was released in 2017, with just the picks available on Spotify.)

“Your Light” utilizes GRiZ’s funk origins and minimalist mood, continuing to reveal his lighter, more melodic side with the series. “Your Light” flutters with delicate guitar melodies, hazy vocal accents, and bright, bouncy synthesizers before delving into a heady saxophone solo, in sharp contrast to this year’s earlier dubstep-leaning offerings. It’s unclear whether the album will be released this year, but it should arrive by early 2023 at the very least. Listen to “Your Light” below.

Photo by Jason Seigel