FINALLY: You Can Listen To Apple Music In Your Browser Now Thanks To These College Kids

One thing Apple Music has always been lacking is a web browser — until now. A group of college students at the University of Kent have constructed a web-based player that runs on Apple Music. Launched just five months ago, Musish has attracted over 200,000 users and counting.

Of course, being that this website is in no way affiliated with Apple Music, it’s reasonable to be skeptical about dishing out your Apple ID for sheer convenience. However, Musish asserts they cannot access the web browser login associated with the domain. Developer Brychan Bennett-Odlum spoke to Cult of Mac to explain how the service works. Once logged in, Musish is able to access your Apple Music content via browser. For all accounts that allow access, Musish pulls up the user’s music library, playlists and listening activity.

Bennett-Odlum further explains:

Apple then sends the Musish web app a token which we send back to Apple in subsequent requests which they use to identify the user and return us data / perform an action (such as playing a song, or adding an album to their library). This token is only valid for the scope of Apple Music, and not other services they provide. It’s also only valid for a limited time. On top of this, we make sure to never even send the user’s token to any server we host.

Despite all this, please be wary — Musish is an unofficial service. If you still wish to use it, go here.

Source: Digital Music News