Festival Organizers are considering Vaccine Passports at UK Music Festivals Events

Artists and fans may have to take the coronavirus vaccine — and show proof — before attending UK music festivals this summer. Festival organizers are considering this approach following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s roadmap announcement for exiting lockdown. With live music set to return on June 21, festivals are selling out in record time and demand is high. To make festival season happen, organizers are weighing out the options for on-site COVID-19 testing, vaccine passports, and plenty of other health and safety protocols.

Representatives from 70 independent music festivals met on Friday, in an emergency meeting to discuss the return of events. Britain’s festival directors spoke about vaccine passports and why they think the government should make them a requirement for festival attendees, via The Guardian.

“A lot of us want to urge government to follow the example set up already in other areas, like travel, where people will have to show vaccination passports,” said Josh Robinson, events director of drum n bass festival Hospitality Weekend in the Woods.

“What we really need is for government to say everybody needs a vaccination to get in. We need that clarity, rather than each having to go to people and explain,” said Gareth Williams, director of folk festival Cropredy.

There are many factors to consider as music festivals return and we move into a new normal. Stay tuned for more details the topic of vaccine passports evolves.

Sources: The Guardian, NME | Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Anna Omelchenko