Ferry Corsten & Disco Fries Collaborate on Captivating Single “Love You Loud ft. Leon Stanford”

Ferry Corsten, a true icon in his own right, has left an indelible mark on the dance music scene throughout his illustrious career. Disco Fries, a dynamic duo comprising Nick Ditri and Danny Boselovic, have also carved a remarkable path for themselves, previously collaborating with renowned artists like Tiësto and Bingo Players. Now, these talented individuals come together, joining forces with Leon Stanford on vocals, to present the mesmerizing single “Love You Loud.”

Unforeseen circumstances led to this extraordinary collaboration. Ferry Corsten, Disco Fries, and Leon Stanford found a common ground through their ventures in the tech world, particularly in the realm of Web3 projects. This unexpected connection birthed the genesis of “Love You Loud,” the focal track of their upcoming album.

“Love You Loud” captivates listeners right from the start with its enchanting key melody. Leon Stanford, a gifted singer-songwriter, graces the track with his harmonized and stylistic vocals, complemented by a rhythmic kick that sets the foundation. As the song progresses, it effortlessly builds momentum, transitioning into a dynamic arrangement. Ferry Corsten and Disco Fries unleash their creative prowess, crafting an anthemic composition that propels the track into the celestial realms with its ethereal progressions.