Ferry Corsten and Ilan Bluestone Drop Latest UNITY Collab “We’re Not Going Home”

2018 has been a huge year for trance legend Ferry Corsten with a slew of releases and tour dates. Back in March we had the pleasure of talking to Ferry when he unveiled his new UNITY project, his quest to “unite” the trance genre and collab with some of the other titans of the genre. This time Ferry is teaming up with Ilan Bluestone for the final UNITY collaboration of the year, “We’re Not Going Home.” This track lives up to the UNITY moniker as it flawlessly blends each of the producers’ unique styles into a standout track.

Ilan clearly has the production on the intro, as the song establishes itself with a hard trance kick drum and repeating synth progression. Light piano notes come in as strings start to build up in the background and the synth progression from the intro comes back into play. The buildup is long, but it is nice, with layers upon layers of synths leading into a rapid drum build. Finally the drop hits and it’s just next level. This is where Ferry’s work shows up as it’s the classic, progressive trance that takes you on a journey (seemingly into deep space during live sets). It’s a perfect track to wrap up the year and get your groove on.

Here’s what Ferry and Ilan had to say about collaborating on the track.

Ferry: “Ilan and I have been friends for a long time now. We always have so much fun playing shows together, we wanted to see what we could put together in the studio. Ilan came to Rotterdam and that’s where the energy of the record came to life.”

Ilan: “I’ve always looked up to Ferry as an absolute legend. To be invited to his home and spend time with him and his family and studio has been one of the most surreal moments of my life. We have always wanted to do a song together after touring, and this track naturally was a combination of my sound with Ferry’s legendary sounds.”

“We’re Not Going Home” will be out on Flashover Recordings tomorrow. But you can listen to it a day early right here on Your EDM!

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