Ferrari Launched Its First Fashion Collection

Ferrari, the luxury sports car manufacturer, on Sunday launched its first fashion collection by hosting a catwalk event inside its factory in Maranello, Italy. The collection comes just days after Ferrari appointed a new CEO, Benedetto Vigna and Ferrari’s majority shareholder, the Agnelli family’s holding company Exor, bought a 24 per cent stake in upmarket shoemaker Christian Louboutin for €541m and a €80m majority stake in Chinese luxury brand Shang Xia.

The collection was designed by Rocco Iannone, who has previously worked at Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani. Iannone was originally hired by Ferrari in 2019 to oversee licensed clothing and accessories—like the Ferrari branded Ray Ban sunglasses and Puma sneakers—which have been on sale for decades.

“We want to attract young people and women,” Iannone said. “Our targets are not just those who buy a Ferrari but also those who have awareness of the brand and of its values.”

Most of the items in the collection are high performance technical fabrics but with a haute-couture touch—including silk, with a printed pattern of Ferrari iconography, and nylon which were made into bold outerwear, belted trench, parka, hooded anoraks and more pieces. The collection particularly stands out for a brand known for making automobiles. The creative team played with reflective elements and iridescent surfaces while being mindful of the colors including from Ferrari’s signature red and yellow. The approach resulted in a futuristic Motorsport aesthetic plastered in the brand’s icons.

Ferrari’s fashion collection features items ranging in price from about $240 for a t-shirt, and up to $3,650 for a coat. The first collection includes over 50 items with about 80% described as unisex. Ferrari also plans to add their in-house accessories in the near future. The luxury company’s plans to extend its brand also include a new restaurant in hometown Maranello, in northern Italy with Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura.

Ferrari’s fashion collection will be on offer mainly online and through the company’s official stores in Maranello, Milan and Rome, while further store openings are scheduled in Los Angeles and Miami this year and in China in 2022. This recent move by Ferrari may prove to be a far-seeing one when it comes to the brand’s bottom line and its plans for the future. The fashion line will enable Ferrari to target audiences that aren’t in a position to purchase one of its cars. It will also enable Ferrari to attract a new group of potential customers —one that isn’t interested in driving or racing.

Ferrari Live Fashion Show

Featured Image : Instagram – ferraristyle