Fenty Beauty Triple Dip Diamond Bomb Diamond Veil Palette

Triple Dip

Fenty Beauty Triple Dip Diamond Bomb Diamond Veil Palette includes three, sparkling highlighters with two new shades and one previously-released shade (Fenty Glow). The key takeaways one needs to know about this formula is that it is high-sparkle with a sheerer base and a consistency that can be fussy (ha, ha) to work with. I find fingertips to work the best for getting product from the compact to my skin, as brushes–even denser, firmer ones–just don’t seem to pick up product evenly or consistently. Once on, a lot of the sparkles adhere without migrating during blending, and they last around eight hours with only light migration, which isn’t bad at all for longevity.


Fussy has a light, pink-tinged base with gold and pink sparkle throughout. The pink base may be more apparent on lighter skin tones than mine. The texture was slightly emollient to the touch, almost spongy but felt too dense to really be that way. The product was thinner and felt like it dried down too quickly, which made it more difficult to find an efficacious way to get product from the pan to my face as it did not work with brushes at all. I used a fingertip, which was the best I could find, but I always ended up with more on my fingertip than on my face so I had to build up and go back to really get enough for an area. The stayed on well for eight hours with light sparkle migration over time.

Fenty Glow

Fenty Glow has a medium, rosy copper tinted base with larger flecks of gold and pink sparkle and shimmer throughout. It had a sparkling, shiny glow with subtle color on my skin tone. The texture was slightly spongy, like a cream-powder formula would be, but it was drier and thinner from the get-go, which I found made it challenging to pick up product with anything but a fingertip. It lasted for eight hours with light migration over time.

Hot Chocolit

Hot Chocolit is a darker copper with moderate, warm orange undertones and flecks of lighter and darker copper sparkle. It had sheer color coverage, as marketed, with moderate sparkle throughout. On my skin tone, the unevenness of the tinted base was more apparent, though I imagine it wouldn’t be as noticeable on darker complexions. It had similar texture issues where it felt a little emollient to the touch, but ultimately, too dry and too thin to pick up easily with a brush of any sort. With a fingertip, I was able to pick up and transfer product onto my skin and blend, but this shade was more apt to pick up base products and create patchiness so it was most suitable over bare skin. There was some migration of the sparkle after eight hours of wear.