Fenty Beauty Smoky (6) Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches


Smoky (6)

Fenty Beauty Smoky (6) Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette is a new, permanent palette featuring three matte eyeshadows, two shimmer eyeshadows, and one glitter shade. The mattes performed well, but the two shimmers were dismal in a way that was surprising to see when I feel like good shimmer eyeshadows are everywhere.

The glitter shade was decent and more unique and complex, but it includes plastic glitter, which may be a deterrent for use, but it is listed as an eyeshadow, and the back of the palette had an “eye” symbol on it as well.

Fenty Beauty That Deep Eyeshadow

Fenty Beauty That Deep Eyeshadow

Fenty Beauty That Deep Eyeshadow

That Deep

That Deep is a deep black with neutral-to-cool undertones and a matte finish. The consistency was denser, firmer, though I wouldn’t call it stiff, as the color went on with intensity but diffused fairly well along the edges. It wasn’t the easiest matte black eyeshadow I’ve come across, but if you’re someone who tends to use this type of shade to deepen, I found it particularly nice to work with when building up the intensity. This shade wore well for eight hours before fading noticeably.

Second Date

Second Date is a deep black with multi-colored glitter throughout that was predominantly blue and gold. It was a unique mix of glitter suspended in more emollient, slightly creamy texture, though the glitter pulled away from the base somewhat when applied and blended out. The coverage was opaque in a single layer, and it worked best with flat, synthetic brushes or fingertips. It had light fallout/migration after eight hours of wear–definitely less than the old days of glitter but it wasn’t budge-proof.

It seemed to have more binder to it than Diva Feva (in another palette), but it did contain plastic glitter so those who are concerned about glitter may want to skip this palette or be sure to use it with an adhesive base.

Fenty Beauty Chestnutz Eyeshadow

Fenty Beauty Chestnutz EyeshadowFenty Beauty Chestnutz Eyeshadow


Chestnutz is a muted, medium-dark taupe with neutral-to-cool undertones and a matte finish. It had nearly opaque pigmentation with a soft, lightly dusty texture that was a little thin. I found it easy to work with, though, as the color applied evenly, built up well, and wasn’t prone to fallout, though I felt like it needed a little extra time to really diffuse and blend out. It wore well for eight hours before fading noticeably on me.

Fenty Beauty Patti Cakez Eyeshadow

Fenty Beauty Patti Cakez EyeshadowFenty Beauty Patti Cakez Eyeshadow

Patti Cakez

Patti Cakez is a muted, smoky plum with neutral-to-warm undertones and a satin sheen. It had good color coverage in a single layer, but it did not apply as evenly as I would expect, so it had to be really pressed and gently moved around. The texture was thin, drier, and had light fallout during application. It stayed on nicely for six and a half hours before fading noticeably.

Fenty Beauty You Up Eyeshadow

Fenty Beauty You Up EyeshadowFenty Beauty You Up Eyeshadow

You Up

You Up is a darker, golden peach with warm undertones and a satin finish. It had sheer coverage paired with a thin, firmer texture that was difficult to pick up with a brush, and even application with a fingertip yielded uneven, medium coverage that just looked dry on my skin. It’s incredible to see a brand put out decent matte shades but completely drop the ball on a neutral-hued shimmer.

Fenty Beauty Tan Linez Eyeshadow

Fenty Beauty Tan Linez EyeshadowFenty Beauty Tan Linez Eyeshadow

Tan Linez

Tan Linez is a medium-dark, taupe-brown with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish. The eyeshadow had rich pigmentation with a smooth, soft, and blendable texture that wasn’t too firmly nor too softly pressed into the pan. It was easy to work with and lasted well for eight hours before fading visibly.