Fenty Beauty Pastel Frost (8) Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches


Pastel Frost (8)

Fenty Beauty Pastel Frost (8) Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette is a new, permanent all-shimmer palette that proved disappointing. The newer Fenty palettes were inconsistent, but the matte eyeshadows tended to be more workable and easier to use all-around, while the shimmers were all over the place.

These were some of the worst as they were thicker and stiffer in texture, which yielded weaker coverage and poorer application in most cases. They don’t improve much over primer; they have to be really pressed and worked onto the lid with fingertips or dampened brushes just to be decent.

Fenty Beauty Muva’s Boy Eyeshadow

Fenty Beauty Muva's Boy EyeshadowFenty Beauty Muva's Boy Eyeshadow

Muva’s Boy

Muva’s Boy is a very light blue with strong, cool undertones and a pearly sheen. It had semi-opaque color payoff that applied somewhat unevenly to bare skin and wasn’t the easiest to blend. I would recommend using fingertips to apply or a dampened brush as a dry brush did not feel effective. The texture was firmer, drier, and a bit stiffer in the pan compared to most shimmers on the market these days. It lasted decently for six and a half hours before fading visibly.

Fenty Beauty Ice Cream Kisses Eyeshadow

Fenty Beauty Ice Cream Kisses EyeshadowFenty Beauty Ice Cream Kisses Eyeshadow

Ice Cream Kisses

Ice Cream Kisses is a light pink with subtle, cool undertones and a frosted finish. It had semi-opaque pigmentation that did not build up well. The texture was firmer and stiffer to work with, so it was hard to pick up product and deposit it evenly to my lid. It wore well for seven hours before fading noticeably on me.


Mula-la is a light-medium lime green with warmer, golden shimmer that gave it a frosted finish. While the consistency was on the thicker side, so it did emphasize my natural skin texture a bit, it was soft enough to pick up well with a brush and applied evenly. It had opaque color coverage that lasted nicely for seven and a half hours on me.

Lady Pimp

Lady Pimp is a light-medium purple with subtle, cool undertones and a pearly sheen. The texture was an odd cross between emollient, thin, and dry, so the shimmer blended off the base revealing a more satin finish (more muted in sheen) along with fallout. The base was overly emollient so it was patchy when applied and difficult to build up in coverage. It showed signs of fading after six hours of wear.

Fenty Beauty Lei’d Up Eyeshadow

Fenty Beauty Lei'd Up EyeshadowFenty Beauty Lei'd Up Eyeshadow

Lei’d Up

Lei’d Up is a medium-dark, yellow gold with moderate, warm undertones and a metallic finish. The texture was firmer and denser in the pan, but it seemed to soften after one or two uses, so it wasn’t as difficult to work with as the other shimmers. It had opaque coverage that applied without too much effort, though it was easier to work with using a fingertip. It stayed on well for seven and a half hours before fading noticeably.

Durty Denim

Durty Denim is a light, bluish-aqua with subtle, cool undertones and a metallic finish. The texture was incredibly thick and firmly-pressed into the pan, so I had to jab and push at the pan’s surface to dislodge product. Unfortunately, the thicker consistency meant it had a tendency to apply unevenly in coverage but also in physical texture, so it looked raised and textured applied to my skin.

It had a moderate amount of fallout, and the only way I could get it to work decently was to really push it onto my lid with a fingertip held for a few seconds to almost “warm up” the formula to get it to diffuse. It lasted for six hours before creasing on me.

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