Fenty Beauty Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Set Review & Swatches


Glossy Posse

Fenty Beauty Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Set includes five, miniature-sized glosses with four new, exclusive shades and one from the permanent range. I’m curious if any of these shades will be brought into the permanent line next year; they did that with the prior holiday releases but not all shades.

Depending on your natural lip color, these may look more similar than dissimilar applied, as it is a sheerer gloss formula. I was able to see slight differentiation on my lips, but the set makes the most sense for someone who just really likes the formula more than someone looking for five, distinct shades. All five shades were consistent with past releases in the Gloss Bomb formula, if not slightly better (they were very smoothing of my lip lines!).

The set contains $54 worth of product, and the tin that it comes in can be used (just remove the velvety insert to make full use of the interior!).

Pretty Please

Pretty Please is a brighter, medium-dark pink with subtle, cool undertones and warmer, flecks of golden sparkle. It had semi-sheer pigmentation in a single layer, which applied fairly evenly, but it did not apply as well as other shades in the set, which could have been owed to the increased pigmentation.

The texture was smooth, lightweight, and non-sticky with a plusher feel that smoothed out my lip lines and was comfortable to wear. It stayed on nicely for four hours and felt moisturizing over time.


Fu$$y is a muted, medium pink with warmer undertones and a luminous finish with fine pearl and a high-shine. The texture felt lightweight, smooth, and plush with more of a gel-like finish–substantial but not heavy or tacky.

It had semi-sheer coverage that applied evenly across my lips, and the formula softened my lip lines noticeably. This shade wore well for three and a half hours and felt hydrating while worn.


Confetti is a pale, milky lavender with subtle, bluish-violet pearl. It had sheer to semi-sheer coverage as the milky base washed out my natural lip color, and there was a dusting of pearl on my lips.

The consistency was smooth, lightweight, and plush without being tacky. It stayed on nicely for three hours and was moisturizing while worn.

Hot Chocolit

Hot Chocolit is a muted, light-medium brown with faint gold and pink micro-sparkle. It really didn’t have much in the way of noticeable sparkle once applied. The pigmentation was semi-sheer–it transformed my natural lip color noticeably but let it come through as well.

It smoothed out my lip lines and had a smooth, lightweight, and non-sticky consistency that was comfortable to wear. the gloss lasted well for three hours and felt hydrating over time.


Cheeky is a medium, pink-coral base with flecks of gold micro-sparkle. It had larger particles in it, but the gloss had a plusher, thicker consistency that was smooth and non-sticky so I didn’t feel the texture of the sparkles in it.

It had semi-sheer coverage as expected that applied evenly, but the dispersal of the sparkles could have been more even. The gloss smoothed out a lot of my lip lines, which was a nice touch. It wore well for three hours and was moisturizing over time.